Saturday, June 23, 2012

Traveling and Update

Tim got home safely! I haven't talked to him yet - but think he had a fun trip.  Misti was excited to see her little spoiled doggie, it's funny how these pets can be.
Scott returned home today - wish there were more hours in a day - I know each of us wanted more of his time - especially his sis.  (Seriously, sounds like we need to plan a road trip!)

I'm not sure if they will release Charles today or not.  They put a line in his upper arm today since the iv in his hand was causing it to swell.  I thought his foot and leg looked more swollen today but he had his socks off.  He didn't think it was any more swollen than before.  His leg is still so red but it does look like there are a few spots of white showing through.

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