Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cleaning Day

Major woke me bright and early this morning.  Our neighbor across the alley must have bought a Collie for Christmas.  Major and his new neighbor play their little chase up and down the fence line - barking and trying to prove they are the "big" dog of the block! 
Misti came over today to hang out with us.  They all of course had a game day playing video games and chatting. 
I am trying to get some deep cleaning done this week.  The bathrooms are done!  Yeah!
I discovered something new - magic erasers for the bathroom and kitchen.
I got to see one of my favorite movies today- Ever After!
I love happy endings- don't you! 
I took a little nap this afternoon in my big comfy chair.  I don't usually nap because I wake up feeling like I'm in outer space.  I just conked out when I stopped.
The kids worked on their rooms a little more and were helpful with, laundry, dishes and taking out the trash.  Thank you for helping me!
We had tuna fish sandwiches and soup for dinner.  Two kinds of tuna - I made Charles' recipe and Collette's recipe.  I just had the craving for her cream cheese tuna.  Charles and Becca ate his tuna and Chuck and I ate Collette's.  Cheddar Potato soup with ham was the soup of choice. 
Our devotions this evening were from Psalm 46.  The emphasis was on being still and knowing He is God!  No matter the trouble, problems, chaos, disaster or anything going on around you - don't forget He is still God.  He hasn't gone anywhere.  He is right here for us.  There are times we walk away - but He doesn't He is right here.  He is our refuge, our strong tower, our strength, our deliverer.    Be Still and Know that HE IS GOD!  He will get us through any problem - nothing is bigger than HIM.
Praying for Chuck to get a Job
Praying for Becca's mission trip funds
Praying for loved ones going through some big things right now - just remember no matter how big they seem  - GOD IS BIGGER!  He will help you through it!

Yeah - Charles got his final Christmas presents - two books by Brother Rod - Treasures from Revelation and Treasures from Daniel!  He is already devouring the book on Revelation!

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