Friday, December 23, 2011

Non-Stop till you Drop!

What a busy day!
Woke up - Played with Major
Make some coffee - help Charles get his stuff together for his day
Started the day seeing Charles off to work
Gotta get the kids motor running - played a song to pep them up - Good Morning!!
Went to McDonalds to meet sweet friends for fellowship and encouragement.
Had to run back home - forgot the gift for Tracey
Talked with Misti on the way back- left Chuck and Becca with Collette at McDonalds to talk
Back to McDonalds - now we got to fellowship
Dropped Chuck and Misti off
Headed to Collette's to stamp it up with her and Becca
Shopping was next - ugh - don't like shopping 2 days before Christmas when the whole city is out shopping
Target, Lowes, Sonic -then home again
Off to drop something in the mail and to Big Lots
Back to the house again
Call my brother - ask a favor
Run Misti home - my brother helped me out
Jack in the Box
Back to Tim's grabbed Becca
Back to the house
Enjoyed dinner with the family and had a great devotion together discussing forgiveness, bitterness, blessings, and prayer - we talked about starting our own prayer journals
Off to Home Depot and a quick stop at Michaels
Back Home
In the Backyard Sanding and Spray Painting with Becca
Talked to Gramma - they received their packages today
Becca went back out to put on another coat
Typed my blog ;o)
Not bedtime yet - wonder what else can be squeezed into the day - ha ha

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