Monday, December 26, 2011

Relaxation Day

What did we do today?
Not much - just relaxed.  Another cold and rainy day, we chose to stay inside for the most part.  The boys took turns playing video games.  We watched a variety of movies. 
Becca and I spent some time cleaning our rooms. 
She spent a little time calling different stores to see if they had Little Big Planet 2.  She received a little money from both sets of grandparents and researched the price and availability on line.  She found it for sale in Garland.  She and I headed out and bought it.  She LOVES it and wants you all to know she is thankful for your gifts to help her purchase it.  We all are so pleased with everything we received from you all - a great big THANK YOU to you all!
The middle of the night was not so good - Charles woke with a bout of acid.  I was praying and know he was too.  Thank the Lord, He helped him through it and allowed him to have a good nights rest for the remainder of the night.

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