Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shop till ya Drop, then Craft, Craft, Craft

Thank the Lord for the Rain - He knows we need it!

Today - Becca, Misti and I had a day of shopping. Most of the afternoon was spent going from store to store.  We were shopping for a few new projects we found on pinterest.  The first one completed today was a magnetic board.  They will either be used as earring holders or just to hold our random notes.  The uses for these boards are endless.  We talked about using them for our sewing notions, scrapbooking supplies, beads, jewelry, or it could be used to hold recipes while cooking.  We are not only making our little rock magnets - but also some magnetic containers.

Here are our supplies - tin snips, tacky glue, paint, magnets, rocks, ribbon, fabric and little containers.
A few stickers, feathers, and embellisments were used too.  We also used a frame and matte.  We purchased as much as possible from the dollar store - the one where things really are a dollar. 
Cookie Sheet - $1
Stones - $1 per bag
Containers - $1 per 10
11 x 14 Frame - $1 
The other items were purchased at a local craft store.
Paint - $.50 each
Magnets - $6.99 for 50 magnets (they had smaller quantities for less)
Fabric - 1/4 yard- 1/2 yard - prices vary - we paid $2.99 per yard
Ribbon - $1.50 per roll
Matte - $3.99
If you need to buy the tacky glue and tinsnips
That size tacky glue - which is way more than you need for this project was $5.99.
 The tinsnips from a local hardware store was $9.99.

Snip the edge of of the cookie sheet
(be very careful - it will have very sharp edges
 - totally suggest this be done by an adult)
Use tacky glue and a foam brush to spread the glue to secure the fabric around the cookie sheet
Remove the glass from the frame
Place the matte in the frame
Now the fabric covered metal sheet
Followed by the back of the frame
Decorate the frame and matte to your hearts content.
This is Becca's Board!
This is Misti's Board

I will add my board tomorrow!
The girls painted the bottom of their stones and also painted the lids of their containers to personalize and perk them up a little before adding the magnets.
I'm going to try to make a few magnetic stones with fabric tomorrow.

The boys went shopping too - but they went to a more manly store - Best Buy!  They always enjoy that store. I was even presented with a sweet surprise from my wonderful husband, a few things that he found on their trip.  I got my car charger and a new phone case, a pink Otterbox!  YEAH, ME! 

Here is my board with the fabric stone magnets...

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