Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cookie Swap!

    This seems to be one of the most tiring weeks of the year at work.  The phones ring nonstop with our clients finalizing their programs and our staff busily ensuring the success of our part for each of the events.  Every night, I have wanted to just come home and drop.  Tonight, though, was the big event - The Great Cookie Exchange! 

      I remember as a little girl the times that Gramma would go to a cookie exchange.  Away she would go with her big container of cookies - usually taking her yummy sugar cookies which had been decorated so pretty for the holidays.  She said when she would be home later, she would be returning with a new batch of cookies.  It was so fun to open her container and see so many different kinds of cookies.  All kinds of shapes, sizes and flavors and all were delicious.  For years I've talked to my sisters-in-law and friends, wondering if they wanted to have one...either they didn't want to or time would fly by and we just wouldn't get around to having one.  This year we finally did it and it was so worth the wait.  Tracey was the hostess with her home decorated so beautifully, nice and festive for Christmas.  It was a small group of sweet friends getting together with their home baked creations to share.  I hope it becomes an annual event!

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