Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things To Do on a Cold and Rainy Day

I made my To Do Board - but the girls haven't made theirs yet!  It's another neat idea from pinterest.  
A little bit of scrapbooking paper and accessories with yet another dollar store frame is all you need. 
Print your check boxes and lines. 
Add a dry erase marker and Voila - you have just made yourself a reusable checklist.   
Misti had to go home early due to an overload of studies. 
Becca worked on making more magnets for her other board. 
Their "to do" boards will be posted soon!

Football and a snack tray of crackers, cheese, pepperoni and salami was on the schedule of our afternoon.  Yeah - Tebow - I pray he keeps it up not only with his good playing - but more importantly with his outstanding testimony!  Now as for that stupid end to the Cowboys game - we were not happy campers!  I bet even that fly on the wall will be in trouble at the after game meeting - Yikes! 
Hope they do better next time.
The rain was an answer to prayer this weekend as well as the cooler weather. 
Chuck finished his persuasive speech for school and went through a few practice runs - I know he will do great this week!  Finals are coming up and we are praying for A's...we are so proud of his efforts!  Becca is also doing great in school - she is so motivated and focused - and we are, of course, also so proud of her too!
All the parts are in for the window repair - but the weather didn't allow for the labor - maybe next weekend!  The weekends always go way to fast - so thankful I'm part of a family that loves to spend time together in our home filled with love and laughter.  I have a few friends that just dread heading home due to the turmoil and drama.  I pray that Chuck and Becca will have happy, loving Christ centered homes when they are grown and on their own.

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