Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years' Eve

One of our New Years traditions is having black eyed peas on New Year's Day.  We like to make the dried peas, therefore you can't wait until the last minute.  Today we got them started, so they will be nice and soft, yummy and delicious for our lunch tomorrow.

The first thing we do is sort through the bag to remove the items we don't want in our pot of peas.  Here is what we found! 
Here is what I thought was an unidentified pea or bean.  Charles is right - just baby black eyed peas.

Here are the little rocks we found - glad we didn't bite down on these!

These were just gross - I think it is mud goop on these - ish!

These were just ugly, deformed and didn't look healthy - out they go! 

Next we took our healthy peas and rinsed, tossed, rinsed, tossed, and rinsed them.
Then we put them in a pot and covered them with water and heated them to a boil.  You may be wondering why we do this - just a second, you will see!

Let them boil for a few minutes and stir them a bit.
Yuck - can you see that dirty scum coming to the top?
I usually take my wooden spoon and scrape that waste off and toss it in the trash.
Back to the colander we go - time for another rinse. 
I caught the water from the pot in the bowl to show you why it's good to boil and add that second rinse.
Nasty - I'm glad that dirty water isn't in with our peas!

They are cooking in the crockpot with all our little additions - veggies, spices and a big ham bone to flavor up that juice...Yum!

Making our black eyed peas healthy, took a little effort.  We needed to get rid of the garbage and clean them up.  The end product will be so much more rewarding and good.  Remember this in your life too - evaluate what's in your day.  Is it healthy?  Is it good?  If it's not - take just a little effort.  Clean it up and get rid of the garbage.  It will make your next day much more rewarding and good!  Sometimes it is not easy to break ties with that person you know you shouldn't be around, or stopping that habit that keeps getting a hold on you, but I know you can do it!  Ask for help if it is a struggle, I know you have someone close, that cares about you that will help you!  Don't forget that you can do all things with Christ's help - He tells us so in Philippians!

I can't believe it is the end of 2011 - this year flew by!  It's the perfect time to think about 2012 and the junk and garbage that can be thrown out in your life.  Let 2012 be good, clean and extremely rewarding!

This was kind of weird and silly.  Becca and I pulled up to a store and this is what we saw.  This lady was in the buggy.  Maybe she had it on her bucket list??!!??  I thought, that sure looks like a big kid to be in the buggy.  He bent over the buggy and she proceeded to climb onto his back.  The first picture is him setting her down on the ground.  The second is them walking into the store.  A couple silly big kids enjoying their last day of 2011.

Next we rounded the corner and Becca burst out laughing.  There was a "Mall Cop" patrolling the parking lot on his segway. 

Next we were off to turn in our donations.  We were not the only ones trying to get those items turned in before the end of the year.  It must be the busiest day of the year at the local charities.  Hmm - made us wonder if the thrift stores have some good finds and good prices in January. 

Charles is trying to lower his dairy intake and change over to goat milk.  I found him some goat yogurt today - hopefully it'll be a winner.  We ran by and saw Tim and Misti for a little bit.  It was nice to chat, we love them both very much and are thankful they live close by. 

Tonight is our New Years Eve tradition.  We spend time together - trying to stay up to see the New Year in - we don't always make it!  We are watching NCIS right now - which is Becca's favorite tv show.  Chuck's favorite tv show is - he says he doesn't know but I would think it is anything on NFL network.  Charles' favorite tv show is CSI.  I don't know what my favorite show is I like so many different shows.  We have snack foods to munch on through the evening.  Tonight's menu includes mini tacos, taquitos, poppers, veggie tray with lots of dips for each.  Pimento Cheese, Ranch, Guacamole, Queso and Chili.   

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